The story behind my journey!

How I decided to be an health economist? Since I was a child I wanted to be a clinical doctor, but as it happens, I ended up doing Economics. No, don’t ask me why, it’s a long story!

It was only during my last year of BSc that I discovered Health Economics. I didn’t even know such a subject existed, but I immediately loved it: economics applied to health care! Two months after graduation I started an MSc in Health Economics and during my internship I looked into variability of clinical practice: a fascinating subject, understanding why women living only few miles from each others can have a different probability of undergoing an hysterectomy.

Academic research was so attractive that I started a PhD in Economics and Management, spending almost an year at the University of York to learn from the main experts in Economic Evaluation. Before completing my PhD I got a job offer from Imperial College and I moved to London to start my career as Health Economist.

Since 2014 I am Senior Research Fellow at University College London, providing health economics expertise to real world evaluation of health care interventions and health policies in the fields of stroke, cancer and maternity care.

Being an health economist I have a strong and unique passion for medicine and I apply my economics knowledge to a variety of challenges in health care sector.

I never managed to become a clinical doctor, and despite being a certified first aider, I don’t save people lives in a hospital, but I investigate how resources can be used, so that clinicians can offer the best treatments to patients and save as many lives as possible.