2019 HTA LAB

The Italian National Healthcare System is faced with the growing demand of health care services while the availability of resources is decreasing. At decision making level is therefore a priority to have the tools, the knowledge and a consolidated methodological approach to support an efficient allocation of resources.

The Health Technology Assessment – HTA – provides an answer to the misalignment between health needs and the resources needed to satisfy them. HTA is a supporting decision-making tool of health policy that can be applied at different national and local decision levels, from health care organisations to clinical practice.

 In recent years, decision-makers’ demand for information on the effectiveness and costs of health care technologies has become increasingly broad and complex. Many European countries are now required to present a formal economic evaluation within their drug reimbursement process or the approval of new health technologies and devices.

This course is targeted at those involved in the design, management or interpretation of economic evaluations of new drugs, health technologies, treatments or public health interventions, working in the pharmaceutical industry, in the clinical research field or in the healthcare decision making sector.


The course aims to promote and transfer key knowledge in HTA and economic evaluation that can enable participants to rule the technological and managerial decisions within the complexity of the current diagnostic, treatment and healthcare pathway.  

More specifically, the course has the aim to provide participants with the necessary knowledge to decide:

  • The type of economic evaluation required
  • How to choose the most appropriate methodology
  • How to build and populate a decision model
  • How to identify and collect the data required for the analysis
  • How to perform the analysis in the most appropriate way
  • How to deal with uncertainty and run sensitivity analysis
  • How to effectively present the results of the analysis

Targeted audience

The course is targeted to:

  • Health care professionals (junior and senior clinicians, GPs, pharmacists, nurses);
  • Managers of health care and social services within public and private organizations (profit and no-profit);
  • Public decision-makers (at Region and National level, Ministry);
  • Suppliers within the NHS (pharmaceutical, diagnostic medical devices);
  • Free-lance and consultants of public and private organisations dealing with economic evaluations or project evaluation;
  • Professionals willing to develop their knowledge and expertise in HTA and economic evaluation or having a role in the design, development or evaluation of healthcare interventions);
  • Students willing to develop their knowledge in HTA and economic evaluation.


The course is structured in frontal lectures and tutorials characterised by a strong interactive approach, including theoretical and practical exercises, workgroups and specific simulations (in Excel).

Teaching coordination

The course is a Laboratory part of the 2nd Level Master course in Health Economics and Management, led by Prof. Gaetano Zilio Grandi and coordinated by Prof. Salvatore Russo.

The Lab in HTA is coordinated and led by Dr Elena Pizzo, Senior Health Economist at the Department of Applied Health Research, Institute of Public Health, University College London (UK).

The course will guest external experts in HTA, including: 

  • Dr Margherita Andretta, Director of the UOC HTA Azienda Zero of Veneto Region;
  • Dr Teresa Gasparetto, Chief Executive of CORIS – Consorzio per la Ricerca Sanitaria;
  • Dr Francesco Moretti, Project Economist at Arsenál, Veneto Research Centre and Innovation in Digital Health.

Methods and time of delivery

The course will consist of  40 hours of lectures and tutorials, spread over 5 days in one week, running from 9:15 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17:45


For further info (lecturers, venue, fees and discounts, etc.)

tel. 041 234 6868/6853


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